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Do you want to rule over Farmville, Mafia Wars, or Cafe World on Facebook or MySpace? Or do you simply wish to make money online? This is the site for you.
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Greetings visitors!

Hopefully you can find what you're looking for on this site, as I do have quite an assortment, few in total numbers though they may be. Feel free to look around and enjoy yourself as this site slowly builds.


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Game Guides
100% game legal guides to owning games featured on facebook!

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Farmville; Secrets to Riches!
If youre sick and tired of running around totally broke while other players get barns and greenhouses and the most expensive villa, this information is for you. Its all 100% game legal!

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Mafia Wars Blueprint! Best Kept Secrets Revealed!
Mafia Wars Godfather Unlocks the Hidden Code Needed to Dominate Your Way to the Top Seat in Facebook and MySpace, Building the Ultimate Mafia and Removing Anyone Who Stands In Your Way

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Paid to click/read
None of these programs will make you rich unless you're very lucky and end up with a ton of active people under you, but you can make a few extra bucks to help make ends meet!

The top three of the ones I have listed here also pay to promote their site; also known as PTP.

This is my favorite of the three big paid to click programs that I do. It has many links and emails to view, and your profits add up relatively quickly. Getting paid isn't a problem with their low minimum payout of only $1.00. They payout via PayPal and AlertPay, and have a generous 15% referral pay.

My second favorite simply due to the incredible number of available links to get paid for clicking. Some days, they have well over a 1,000. I have been a member for nearly 8 months and have been paid numerous times. Not a hint of problems in all that time. Minimum Payout is $5.00, but they have a random payout, and most times I've been paid it's been through this, long before I reached the technical minumum. They pay via PayPal and AlertPay and you receive 10% referral pay.

Click contests! The more links and emails you click the higher bonuses you get.

This program is set up in the same style as the top two programs. It only comes as third choice because they have fewer links to click; although, they still have a lot more than most sites I've seen. Minimum Payout on this program is only $.50 and they pay via PayPal and AlertPay. 8% Referral pay.

This program makes my favorite list because of the immense earning potential, especially if you like playing online games.

With sendearnings, you earn $.02 per paid email. (Drawback, they only send out a few per day.) You can also earn from filling out onsite surveys (without signing up for other programs), signing up for other programs, and playing games through (You have to first sign up through sendearnings, however). WorldWinner is a site you can play the games for free, (including daily freeplay tournaments you can win real cash from and that give you rewards points. Rewards points from WorldWinner can be used in exchange for gift cards, or game credits to play other cash games.

First Minimum payout of SendEarnings is $100.00, the second is $50.00. They pay via check only to help prevent online fraud. 10% referral pay (except for their paid email earnings). Referral pay to referrer does NOT take earnings from the referred!

I've been paid the first time!

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