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Things That Bump
NC-17 Slash/Het Completed
NOV. 25, 2002

A Gentle Reprieve
Between Things and Cause
Hard R Slash
June 12, 2003

Cause and Effect
Sequel to Things
NC-17 Slash Completed
June 12, 2003

Picking up the Pieces
Sequel to Cause
Not yet available
NC17 Slash
In Progress
(not up yet)

Time For the Little Things
Added NOV 21

Tainted Returns
NC-17 Slash Complete
Last up Mar 12, 2010

The Tides of Change
NC-17 Slash In Progress Summary

Lost Legacy
PG-13 (pairings uncertain) In Progress Summary
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"Things That Go Bump in the Night" --- Methos/Spike, Richie/Buffy, Doyle/Cordelia, pre-slash Richie/Methos (With a deliciously erotic scene between Richie and Methos for you R/M lovers out there. --- A Highlander/Buffy/Angel crossover. Methos said he'd never seen a demon. Following a chance encounter with a 'man' named Spike, Methos discovers that he hasn't seen everything. In fact, he finds there is an entire world out there he's never knowingly come in contact with. Which, after living for 5,000 years, is something of a startling revelation. His world goes into an incredible tailspin, changing most everything he thinks he knows after he finds himself mixed up the a world of witches, demons, vampires, and one vampire slayer.

"Cause and Effect" --- Spike/Buffy (unrequited), Spike/Xander --- A Highlander/Buffy crossover. Sequel to "Things That Go Bump in the Night". This story splits from Canon following the 'series finale' and before the UPN series premier. Three weeks following Buffy's death, Spike is set upon by human thugs. Out numbered, out maneuvered, and unable to effectively fight back, Spike suffers their attack, and is taken prisoner.

His attackers are led by someone out for vengeance, and Spike finds himself in a world of hurt. After months of barely surviving his captor's 'hospitality', and nearly dead, Spike is dumped -- left to be a pointed messanger. Xander stumbles across him, and saves Spike's life by giving the vampire some of his own Immortal blood, not only unknowingly setting in motion a series of life altering events -- for both of them, but also interfering with the plans of Spike's abductor.

"A Gentle Reprieve" --- Spike/Methos --- Buffy/Highlander crossover. Follows Things that Go Bump in the Night, and comes before Cause and Effect. A short PWP. Recently souled Spike needs to forget for awhile, and Methos helps him.

"Picking up the Pieces" --- Spike/Xander --- Sequel to "Cause and Effect". Following the destruction of Dr. Weisenburg and his cohorts, Xander and Spike take a trip away from the hellmouth in an effort to assist in Spike's healing, and to adjust to the new and rather awkward situation they've found themselves in. Intending nothing more than a roadtrip, Spike and Xander find themselves discovering many surprising things, some of which turn their world upside down, and possibly even inside out.

"Time For the Little Things" -- X/S friendship --- Following the events of "First Date", Xander is having trouble sleeping, worrying about the path his social life is taking. A talk with Spike makes things both worse and better.

"Tainted Returns" --- Xander/Spike --- (Goes slightly AU immediately following the last ep. of season 6.) This story takes Xander to a place he never went in the series. Immediately following his discovery of Spike's attack on Buffy, he decides to teach the vampire a lesson he won't soon forget.

Seeking out Spike, Xander discovers he has to rescue the vampire before he can carry out his plans. Unfortunately, Xander's luck is running true to form and things don't go quite the way he planned. In an altercation with one of the demons that has Spike, he gets sprayed with the demon's blood. It has some . . . interesting side affects. Xander's plans begin to shift as his controls and inhibitions fail, and memories and desires he'd far rather have kept buried deep in his subconscious come out to play.

"The Tides of Change" --- Lacroix/Xander Crossover with Forever Knight --- Lacroix, despite appearances to the contrary, is troubled by the necessary death of his vampire master and mortal daughter (Divia) -- a double whammy, so to speak -- and is attempting to put the whole sordid affair behind him. But left feeling that, after everything was said and done, the ending was too easy, too pat, can't help but wait for the last shoe to drop. It isn't until he finally begins to relax that Divia's final revenge comes calling and Lacroix is ripped from everything he holds dear.

"Lost Legacy" --- Crossover with BtVS No warnings that wouldn't apply to the books themselves. Pairings: None central to plot. Cannon pairings may appear.

The hellmouth has been sealed and Sunnydale destroyed. The problem is, the surprises are not yet finished. Unknown to the Sunnydale crew, a Wizard has been sent to discover the source of the sudden increase in dark energies surrounding the mystical convergence. One Severus Snape arrives in time to discover no town, and no convergence. Instead, he finds a makeshift camp of youths, barely into adulthood.

Having needed to travel the last 250 miles in muggle fashion -- no wizarding forms of travel available closer -- Snape arrives in what was once Sunnydale . . . 'in a mood'. In true Snapish fashion, the Potion's Master manages to not only insult everyone present, but find something he didn't even know he was missing -- turning his life permanently upside down. Absolutely furious, Snape wonders if the manipulative old goat knew all along what he would find.

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