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"The Power of Love" Series

Seduction Rated R, Slash, innuendo, Dom/sub Completed 2001 10 kb
Caught Rated NC-17, Slash, Graphic Sex, Dom/sub Completed 2001 21 kb
Lost Rated R, Slash, Sexual Themes, Dom/sub Completed 2001 22 kb
The Power of Love Rated R, Slash, Violence Completed 2001 151 kb
Visitations Rated PG-15, Slash, Some Language Completed 05/25/01 32 kb
An Impasse Rated PG-15, Slash Completed 5/27/01 21 kb
The Hunt Rated PG-15, Slash Completed 05/24/02 52 kb
After The Hunt Rated PG-15, Slash, Implied Violence Coming ?? kb

Stand Alone Stories

A Valentine for Methos Rated NC-17, Slash Completed 2001 30 kb
Memories of Valentine Rated PG, Slash Completed 2001 46 kb
The Blues Rated G, Slash hints, Angst Completed 2001 5 kb
I Dare You Rated PG, Slash, Humor Completed 08/09/01 57 kb
The Price of Vengeance Rated NC-17, Slash, Violence, Bad Language Completed 03/15/02 101 kb


"When Dreams Are Not All That" Series

The Gift PG, Slash Completed 2001 25 kb
If Only PG-13, Slash Completed 2001 60 kb
Everything and Nothing PG-13, Slash Completed 2001 12 kb
Choices PG-13, Slash Completed 2001 35 kb
Suprises PG-13, Slash Completed 20 kb

Stand Alone Stories

Title/Link Rating/Codes Date Length
Rings of Change
Not Currently Available
R, Slash On Hold ?? kb

Fate's Irony
Not Currently Available
NC-17, Het On-hold ?? kb

The Hand of Fate
Not Currently Available
PG, Slash, Methos/Spock On Hold ?? kb
Things That Bump NC-17, Slash/Het, Methos/Spike, Richie/Buffy Completed 11/25/02 584 kb
Cause and Effect NC-17, Slash, Xander/Spike (sequel to "Things") Completed 06/12/03 511 kb
A Gentle Reprieve Hard R, Slash, Methos/Spike (between 'Things' and 'Cause') Completed 06/12/03 15 kb

Duncan/Methos Summaries
When Dreams Are Not All That -- Series: Methos receives an strange, ancient, magical pendant from an odd, old man. When his wishes, even inadvertant ones, begin coming true, Methos must figure out why, then figure out how to fix the mess he finds himself in . . . hopefully without losing any friends.
    The Gift: Methos gets the pendant, and remembers the last time he saw it.
    If Only: Methos unknowingly makes a wish.
    Everything and Nothing: Methos realizes he has everything he could ever want, but is really left with nothing. Now he has to figure out what to do about it.
    Choices: Now that Methos understands what's happening he has to make a choice.
    Surprises: It is now Duncan's turn. Still in the dark, Duncan MacLeod is left wondering what happened. Will he confirm what Methos suspected, or will he surprise the Ancient?
Rings of Change: Methos and Duncan have been involved for a mere six months, when something unexpected arrives, throwing both Immortals into a tailspin -- a wedding invitation. Duncan begins brooding, worrying Methos about what decisions he's making, and comes to a startling revelation, which will alter the course of the relationship permanently.

Richie/Methos Summaries
The Power of Love -- Series: What started out as not-so-innocent fun and games slowly becomes something more -- and gets tested to its very limits. Richie has kept something hidden from everyone, and he's not as innocent as everyone thinks he is. One night, no longer wanting to hide it from everyone, Richie shows his dominant side and seduces Methos. One thing leads to another and this series follows their budding relationship through several trials.
    Seduction: Richie waits at Joe's for Methos to arrive and determinedly sets about seducing the unsuspecting Immortal.
    Lost: Immediately follows "Seduction" and is in Methos' POV.
    Caught: Immediately follows "Lost". Graphic Dom/Sub M/M sex, skirts the fine line between consenting and nonconsenting sex.
    The Power of Love: Running from his unexpected feelings for Richie, Methos runs right into a trap, and Richie and company must figure out what's happened and who has him in order to rescue him. Determined to hold his own, and not rely on Mac's or Joe's sources, Richie contacts an old friend for help, a friend with very surprising connections.
    Visitations: The arrival of Kronos and the other horsemen throws a wrench into the lives of Methos and Richie, sending Methos out of the picture to protect the younger Immortal.
    An Impasse: Richie searches, initially without succes, for Methos, eventually finding him. Now he only has to figure out why he left in the first place when no one will tell him what happened.
    The Hunt: Having found Methos, Richie must now find a new way to seduce Methos, all without pushing any of the older Immortal's 'buttons'.
    The Hunted (formerly known as 'After the Hunt'): Once again, Methos finds himself the hunted when someone begins sending him unsettling notes -- notes chillingly like the one he thought he'd gotten from Kronos shortly before his last appearance.
    Chains: A completely unrepentent PWP set in the future of this series. Dom/Sub, light bondage, Graphic sex.
A Valentine For Methos: Richie wants to give Methos a Valentine's Day he'll never forget.
Memories of Valentine: This Valentine's Methos is feeling a little down, and Duncan, Richie and company decide to take it upon themselves to cheer up the ancient Immortal. Surprisingly, it's Richie who's able to worm his way past Methos' barriers.
The Blues: Follows the end of the series, and takes every episode as Canon. What does Methos do after Richie's death, and MacLeod's departure?
I Dare You: Dared by other Watchers, Joe sets up Richie and Methos on a blind date, letting neither know the gender of their date for the evening. In the end, however, the joke's on Joe as things turn out far differently than he expects.
The Price of Vengeance: Cassandra takes the head of a rapist, setting into motion a set of horrifying events. The ending of which depends ever so much on just how much Richie is willing to forgive. Contains character death, implied rape, situation appropriate foul language, and violence. This story really isn't for the weak of constitution, or those who are easily squicked.

Other Summaries
The Hand of Fate: Set during Star Trek's first five year mission, Methos has survived and finds himself on board the Enterprise after finding out Khan had spent time on board, and that Starfleet suspects that someone on board believes in what Khan stood for. He's under the guise of 'Pierce Adamson', and it's his job to find out who the subversives are before they find out what he's there for. Unfortunately, things are a little more complicated than anyone suspects. Methos discovers than Joe's descendent Leonard McCoy is a Watcher, and knows who he is. There's another Immortal on board, and Spock begins very quickly to put odd little clues together and figures out 'Pierce Adamson' is more than meets the eye.
Fate's Irony: Methos has fallen in love, but he's got a problem. He discovers something out about her that may end their relationship before it can even truly begin. He goes to Mac for help and support, and finds the younger Immortal has a rather surprising problem of his own.
Things That Go Bump in the Night: Methos/Spike, Richie/Buffy, Doyle/Cordelia, pre-slash Richie/Methos (With a deliciously erotic scene between Richie and Methos for you R/M lovers out there.)

A Highlander/Buffy/Angel crossover -- Methos said he'd never seen a demon. Following a chance encounter with a 'man' named Spike, Methos discovers that he hasn't seen everything. In fact, he finds there is an entire world out there he's never knowingly come in contact with. Which, after living for 5,000 years, is something of a startling revelation. His world goes into an incredible tailspin, changing most everything he thinks he knows after he finds himself mixed up the a world of witches, demons, vampires, and one vampire slayer.
Cause and Effect: Spike/Buffy (unrequited and in retrospect), Spike/Xander -- CrossOver with Highlander -- sequel to "Things" and companion/prequel to "Picking up the Pieces" (as yet unwritten).

This story splits from Canon following the 'series finale' and before the UPN series premier. Three weeks following Buffy's death, Spike is set upon by human thugs. Out numbered, out maneuvered, and unable to effectively fight back, Spike suffers their attack, and is taken prisoner. His attackers are led by someone out for vengeance, and Spike finds himself in a world of hurt. After months of barely surviving his captor's 'hospitality', and nearly dead, Spike is dumped -- left to be a pointed messanger. Xander stumbles across him, and saves Spike's life by giving the vampire some of his own Immortal blood, not only unknowingly setting in motion a series of life altering events -- for both of them, but also interfering with the plans of Spike's abductor.

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