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Betazoid Series

New Discoveries PG Het Completed Thanks to McCoy's big mouth, Spock realizes that he is the reason that Christine Chapel is not dealing well with her grief over her mother's death. Trying to correct that leads the two of them to startling discoveries about Christine's background, and about each other.

New Beginnings R Het Completed While Spock and Christine are becoming more comfortable with each other and slowly moving forward, the Enterprise is reassigned to uncharted space. Nearly arrived, first contact is made. A miscomunication results in the alien leader's interest in Spock. A waylaid report, and an inadvertant mistake lead to an escalation. Trapped by ancient cultural laws, Christine finds she must fight to keep her Imzadi.

Stolen Treasures R Het Completed Trouble strikes the recently bonded couple, and Spock races against time (and beaurocracy) to find and save a kidnapped Christine, along with three other federation women.
Destiny Series

Ghosts of the Mind PG Completed After the Enterprise encounters a new, unstable space/time anomaly, Spock begins to hear a voice. Is it a prank? Spock believes so, until evidence proves the contrary. Whatever is affecting him is, however, having a deliterious affect and Dr. McCoy and Nurse Chapel help solve the riddle before the damage is permanent.

That Which Was Lost PG-13 Completed Christine accompanies Spock back to vulcan as the medico, but returning S'ana'sasia's katra to the hall of souls has some unexpected side-effects, and there are those who are not happy about that. A renegade, decides to do away with Spock, but first wishes to harm him. He does this through attacking Christine.

Decisions G Completed Following the events in "Lost" Spock makes a life changing decision.

....Like a Woman Scorned PG-15 Completed Hurt by Spock's decision to retreat to Gol, Christine and Kirk attempt to move on with their lives. Comfort leads to a surprising friendship between the two.

Four Christmas PG Completed Christmas Break on board the Enterprise.

Graduation R Completed Immediately following graduation from med school, Christine is sent to a plague outbreak, due to her expertise in bio-research. The Enterpirse is sent
to transport the medical team. The cause of the plague is finally discovered, which leads to danger for everyone.
Stand Alone Stories

When Having is Not So Pleasing a Thing as Wanting R Completed Christine has moved on from her life on board the Enterprise, and becomes
engaged. Fate intervenes in her orderly life, and when she and Spock are assigned to a research project together, things go haywire.
Warnings: Fairly explicit Het sex, dubius consent.

The Dark Before the Dawn R WIP Sequel to 'When Having. . . .' Begins after pick up from the planet.

The Many Choices of One -- Chapter One PG-13 Completed When an experiment based on the crew's experience with 'the mirror universe' goes awry, Spock suddenly finds himself in an alternate reality where his life didn't follow the exact same path as it had in his own reality.

Parmen's Games NC-17 (slash and het) Completed Based on the episode with the Platonians, this story goes where the series meant for the masses couldn't go.
Warnings: Rape, mental and physical

Realms of the Forgotten NC-17 Completed An mission goes horribly wrong and the male contingent of the landing party ends up in slave pens. The women have their memories wiped and new ones given in their place.
Warnings: Slavery, Sexual coercion

Twisted Consequences -- not yet available NC-17 WIP An unknown guest is beamed aboard encased in an alien stasis machine. Warned of potential disease, Leonard McCoy and Christine Chapel are careful in their handling of their patient. Unfortunately, they're not careful enough. The patient, a vulcan in the terminal stages of unresolved pon farr, attacks Christine. Christine must deal with the consequences.

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